Choosing a Company Shirt vendor

Where can you choose a company shirt vendor? There are many catalogs out their with more than competent companies selling logo'ed attire for small, medium and large businesses. Online there are many great companies too which have low costs for shirts and then put on your logo and send them to you. Many small businesses wish to do business locally; is this a smart choice for a company shirt vendor?
If you attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting and meet a local silkscreener, you should use their service if they: Can match the price using good quality shirts like Fruit of the Loom or Beefy-T within 10% of an online company or catalog; are willing to sets up 'the screen' free and are willing on becoming one of your customers in your business as well. Remember, you can pay about 10% more locally and still break even because you will save the UPS charge. Also, you might be able to save up to one-half the cost of the shirts by trading for your products or services, so think of that too. Also remember that a silkscreener is usually a fantastic networker; they have to be to stay in business. They do business with many small and large image-conscious companies. These companies who buy tee shirts for their employees can potentially be your customers as well, think about that. The local businessperson can bring you referrals that a catalog will not.

People Dress up in downturn

Until recently, Haroon Qureshi’s custom-made, pin-striped suits didn’t fit in with the more casual dress code at Lawrenceville’s Imagine Airlines, where his twenty something colleagues wore khaki pants and polo shirts.
No more golf mens clothing or cotton trousers in the office of this charter airline at Gwinnett County Airport. They’ve been replaced by suits and yellow power ties. Even shiny wingtip shoes.
From power dressing men's polo shirts for after-work networking to looking their best for a boss they might see in the elevator, some employees are picking their outfits as if their jobs depend on it. In some offices, casual Friday has become a casualty of the recession.

In summer Men wardrobe essentials--Part one

There’s no doubt that being stylish is of importance to you. Why else would you be reading this article, or better yet, tweeting these stories faithfully (hint, hint)? But still, you figure, “Look, summer is short and the fun is plenty. The last thing I plan to do is spend hours pondering over what to wear”. Well, trust me, it’s the last thing I want you to do.
Polo Shirts
When the occasion calls for something a tad bit more formal,Men's polo shirts are the perfect alternative. Great for the golf course or backyard BBQs, the cheap polos' simple cut is flattering for showing off those biceps that you've worked on all winter long. (It’s also forgiving enough for those of you who took a hiatus from the gym.) The light cotton blend fabric is great for pulling perspiration away from your skin, and will keep you dry through the 18th hole.
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