BeiJing Shuang Shun Cheongsam History

Lu cheongsams like sisters, but also obsessed with actress Ruan Lingyu, Hu Die, wearing a cheongsam like Zhou Xuan, in order to remember the image of her star is shining on these photos, keep a day painting, then produced a painting on the interest, which she admitted to the founding of the early stage of the Central Academy of Drama Arts, Department of Design, has laid a solid foundation. In the "in play" when learning, a Chinese-style clothing so he courtier master, living in the College of cotton across the alley, then Lu often to see if his home in Ho under the guidance of instructors, she used the provincial to buy down the cost of living in the cotton and fabrics, the first time in life to own a small cotton-padded jacket, then on are wearing their own clothes.

Lu graduated from the old Central Academy of Drama undergraduate first stage after the Fine Arts Department, those who remain in the school study "the history of Chinese clothing history", after Beijing Television broadcasting service transfer (now the China Central Television), China's first female announcer Shen Li Design cheongsam, since the two forged a lifelong friendship, as well as Lu Shen Li cheongsam design after the great help given. After reform and opening up, new technology, new ideas, new fashion great shock on the domestic market, even the richest women in the modern sense of dress and personality, and at the same time, the traditional cheongsam out in the cold, almost under the specific circumstances of the particular attire, and in the a small number of people used as a ceremonial dress, the market also cheongsams shoddy. Faced with this phenomenon have been distorted, land old planning to convene a timely manner the "cheongsam first seminar in Beijing."

Vice-Minister of the former textile Zhao please name the General Assembly for the cheongsam is not to become a cheongsam "service uniforms Miss." Ms. Wang Guangying to Ms. Li and the ambassador and embassy staff

Also stated at the meeting, Ms. abroad over the past wearing cheongsam cheongsam do now to send gifts, foreigners, people dare not to be shaking his head, Why? The reason is that the community reduces the chaos to wear cheongsam identity. Wild blue sky well-known actor,, such as Li Wan Feng appeal: cheongsams can not be limited to the overalls people. The seminar for the recovery of cheongsams to achieve a very good start.

After the seminar, land at the invitation of the old design of the Hong Kong produced 110 sets of cheongsam cheongsam at the origin, evolution and cheongsam cheongsam innovation. Creative process to take the traditional manual skills and a combination of modern machinery, cheongsams collected in addition to the fabric of the old materials are used in modern fabrics, cheongsam part in the innovative design with bold elements cheongsams short denim fabrics and cheongsams cheongsam, also designed the backless evening cheongsam. To "small land costumes Troupe" show the name of going to Macau, Hong Kong Asia TV broadcast carried out, at home and abroad has evoked strong response among 12 beauty wearing a German-designed landing many colorful style cheongsam appeared on stage and when the streets of Macau, has become a beautiful landscape together, added to the Macao infinite warmth, cheer and applause from the beat has sounded: "nice", "beautiful", it was amazing to say: "China is about to wear a cheongsam. "

Heritage and culture in order to heirs, land in France veteran granddaughter graduated from high school, home school clothing bills, and self-built "country clothes shop Tak-ho," Come in the original "double-shun" retired veteran Yang Huai-chi,, so that the "double-shun" traditional skills inherited from the manual, but also in the clothing of the middle-aged college education technician had traditional cheongsam technology combined with modern technology to carry out a series of innovations, summed up the idea of a set of their own: that is, tailor-made for the method. In the process also done a great improvement, this innovative decorative flower-shaped in different styles on the cheongsam, is not only a decoration or a. About the past, women wore cheongsam have to wear a slip inside, the majority of people are not easy to wear slip, it is necessary to follow the tradition and do not add red tape. And modified into the effect of such a cheongsam with a petticoat, even the high-split ends will not naked thigh, even more solemn and elegant yet traditional, the production process from the last century has been retained since the nineties. Land on the old models in cheongsam Another innovation is that the neckline with a combination of Western-style neckline, varies from person to person down open collar cheongsam is not , but also show a slender neck; there is a collar style is dug Peach or diamond-shaped, collar necklaces Department ornaments can be shown that this style was very popular in the market, a number of Western women have used this kind of collar type, has become a trendy product of the community.

Is also a spring land to visit the National Museum in the old country "of the intangible cultural heritage" after a sleepless night, her idea of a traditional cheongsam manual skills "of the Intangible Cultural Heritage" presentation of the declaration, and then always looking for co-operation on a unit where there to persuade, through all kinds of hardships, from all sides to stand up against and defeated efforts wholeheartedly. According to declare all items written by well-organized presentations, information and door-to-door to find a serious follow-up veteran. Very cold winter that year, the old land, accompanied by his daughter, to the day-to-day towards the evening, around the streets of Beijing, from where a veteran to know the address of another veteran, used notebook, used video cameras to record to the origin and development of Beijing traditional cheongsam, written into a more complete article. Require the declaration must be the electronic version of the draft text, they bought their own land and the old computers and printers, in the grand-daughter with the help of a tablet written word for word, day and night. She has to carry forward the national culture and the protection of traditional manual skills as their own responsibility. Beijing 2006 ch'i-traditional manual skills be included in district-level Beijing municipal "non-material cultural heritage" directory. Old in 2007 and the Beijing Red Land Group have to declare a national "non-material cultural heritage" directory.

Beijing in the past have to do cheongsam clothing shop to do the "double-shun" is devoted to the production of the End of Qing Dynasty Chinese Beijing's largest clothing clothing shop, has become famous classic upper-class clothing. "Double-shun" Soong Ching Ling, who, Ms. Li Zongren, Mrs. Reagan, and so on order cheongsams visit once and leave the country for the embassy staff ordered cheongsams, the last century to 30 years on behalf of the "double-shun" cheongsams the development of the peak period, as the top brand of China cheongsam, the "double-shun"founder of the first generation of human Shanwen support and so on, have it. Second-generation Chi-human transmission, such as Huai Yang over age. The last century to the sixties into the eighties cheongsams low nineties in the third generation of human Lu cheongsams traditional manual skills on a series of innovative, hand-ch'i-Beijing skills were included in the Beijing-class "non-material cultural heritage "directory, the Lu to the" double-shun "brand identity of the third generation of human and" all red "co-operation of business re-test the" double-shun "franchise stores, to revive old glory.
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