In summer Men wardrobe essentials--Part one

There’s no doubt that being stylish is of importance to you. Why else would you be reading this article, or better yet, tweeting these stories faithfully (hint, hint)? But still, you figure, “Look, summer is short and the fun is plenty. The last thing I plan to do is spend hours pondering over what to wear”. Well, trust me, it’s the last thing I want you to do.
Polo Shirts
When the occasion calls for something a tad bit more formal,Men's polo shirts are the perfect alternative. Great for the golf course or backyard BBQs, the cheap polos' simple cut is flattering for showing off those biceps that you've worked on all winter long. (It’s also forgiving enough for those of you who took a hiatus from the gym.) The light cotton blend fabric is great for pulling perspiration away from your skin, and will keep you dry through the 18th hole.





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