In summer Men wardrobe essentials--Part one

There’s no doubt that being stylish is of importance to you. Why else would you be reading this article, or better yet, tweeting these stories faithfully (hint, hint)? But still, you figure, “Look, summer is short and the fun is plenty. The last thing I plan to do is spend hours pondering over what to wear”. Well, trust me, it’s the last thing I want you to do.
Polo Shirts
When the occasion calls for something a tad bit more formal,Men's polo shirts are the perfect alternative. Great for the golf course or backyard BBQs, the cheap polos' simple cut is flattering for showing off those biceps that you've worked on all winter long. (It’s also forgiving enough for those of you who took a hiatus from the gym.) The light cotton blend fabric is great for pulling perspiration away from your skin, and will keep you dry through the 18th hole.

Women's motorsport collection--polo shirt

The collection's rain jacket and vest are also windproof and water-repellent and have been inspired by classical motorsport team clothing. The collection is rounded off by rugby and polo shirts, a fleece jacket, shirt and T-shirt.
Like the men's collection, the women's collection is in timeless white and a subtle
grey, and is finished with classical motorsport details. The women's collection
includes a top, polo shirt and T-shirt. The motorsport top can be fastened at the neck.
Younger motorsport fans can cut a colourful dash with the red and white Children's
T-shirt together with a matching cap. The collection is completed by matching
accessories such as a cap, lanyard, fabric belt and collectors cup. For the summer,
the collection also offers a beach towel and knee-length board shorts.

Big Fashion Ideas for the Small Shirts

For the girls, brightly colored clothing and children go hand in hand, but this season the ideology makes even more sense because it's a trend for 2009.
Polo shirts are a classical style that even mom and dad sport, and they also look great on a youngster. Solid bandeau shirts are a great springtime style for the little girl's wardrobe. The tops are longer and look like a halter top, but tie around the neck.
For the little fellas, Polo shirts are a staple of their tiny wardrobe.Polo shirts look great on children because they give them a clean, organized look, yet if bought in a vibrant color like green or blue, can still be youthful.
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